What is bonded cargo and bonded transport?

What is bonded cargo and bonded transport?

What is bonded cargo?

Bonded cargo is the imported goods on which customs charge taxes, duties, and penalties. Bonded cargo is stored in the customs bonded warehouse which is controlled by customs authorities. In India, the bonded warehouse is managed by a third party. 

And importers are supposed to pay customs bonds in advance of import. Only when the customs authorities have received the full payment the bonded goods are released further. Just in case the payments are not made within a defined period, then the customs will dispose the product in the shipment. 

In certain cases, a licensed goods company is allowed to move your freight from the customs to the company facilities where it is held as bonded cargo. Companies that operate with bonded goods efficiently are allowed to move the shipment to an official cargo warehouse rather than to leave it in the customs.  

What is bonded transport?

bonded cargo

Bonded transports are vehicles that are licensed to carry goods that are not yet paid through customs. It is only through bonded transport the goods are allowed to be moved, else it would be left with the  customs. Having your freights transported to a licensed bonded cargo warehouse and kept there until the taxes and duties are paid can be done only by bonded transport. 

This refers to any transportation method which is appropriately authorized. Therefore if you work with a company that provide services like bonded cargo and bonded transport they will serve as an effective intermediary by shipping your bonded freights to the appropriate warehouse. 

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If you are a shipper, then you should understand the difference between the bonded cargo, bonded transport and bonded shipment. When you are shipping goods through the India, the load is considered as bonded shipment. 

Unlike in the case where it is imported to the India. You don’t have to pay duties, taxes and customs costs during the shipment process if it is merely passing through the India. If this is appropriate to your business you will need your cargo transported and stored in a bonded warehouse when necessary.

As a shipper, if you are not there to facilitate clearance with the government you will need a shipping partner who can act as an intermediary and do it on your behalf. 

You can save time, money, and effort by facilitating the movement of your goods using customs when you collaborate with a good logistics company. They will store them in a safe and reliable space.

How should you choose a shipping partner for your bonded cargo and transport needs?

Bonded trucking service

When you are choosing a shipping partner for all your bonded cargo and bonded transport requirements, you should find a company that has legitimate knowledge about customs regulations and licensing. A successful customs broker will aid you via every step of the international shipping pass. 

It is essential that you find a shipping partner for bonded cargo who will facilitate appropriate bonded cargo service along with bonded transportation. If you have all of these options under one company roof it will be beneficial and convenient for your business. Shipping partners who maintain authorized warehouses can also repack your bonded cargo on your behalf and help you with other shipment capabilities. 

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